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Flash Pool (Ontology)


Flash Pools are collateral based fund pools on the Wing DAO platform with different versions based on several popular blockchain networks. They bring down collateral rates by introducing an insurance pool mechanism. You can read more about Flash Pool mechanisms here.

Supported Assets

All supported assets are Ontology based assets. Ethereum and Neo based assets need to be converted to pTokens and ONT to ONTd. WING and ONG are directly supported by the pool. Please find detailed trading guides here.
Below is a list of tokens supported by Flash Pool (Ontology). Transaction and smart contract details of each token are accessible via Ontology Explorer with token addresses:

Gas Costs

Gas costs may fluctuate. The amount of gas costs shown below is for reference only.
Gas Type
Gas Cost
Supply, Withdraw, Borrow or Repay Assets
~1.8 ONG
Insure or Withdraw Assets, Withdraw WING Incentives
~1.3 ONG
Liquidate Assets
~3.0 ONG
Transactions on Ontology of Wing Buy-back Auction
~0.1 ONG
Transfer on Ontology
~0.05 ONG
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