Flamingo Liquidity Mining Tutorial

Reminder: Operations require transaction fees. Please prepare enough GAS in advance to avoid transaction failures.

Download Cyano Wallet

Create a new wallet and back up the private key or import an existing Ontology wallet

Cyano Wallet extension

Download NeoLine Wallet

How to Set Up a NeoLine Wallet

Use PolyNetwork Transfer WING to N3 Chain and prepare FLM on N3 Chain

PolyNetwork Cross-Chain Transfer Tutorial

Add Liquidity

  • Select “Add liquidity” from the top dropdown

  • Select the “FLP-FLM-WING” pool from the second dropdown

  • Input the amount of tokens

  • Adjust the “Slippage” and “Deadline” settings

  • Click “Add Liquidity” button

  • Confirm the transaction in your Neo wallet

  • Click “Close” when it shows “Success!

  • Select “Stake” in the top dropdown

  • Select the FLP-FLM-WING Liquidity Pool and input the number of LP tokens , then click “Stake

  • Select “Yes” to confirm the transaction in your Neo wallet

Note: Withdraw liquidity

1) Click "Asset Actions" at the bottom of the site

2) Click on the "Action" dropdown menu and select "Unstake"

3) Select the pool you want to unstake from and the amount of liquidity you want to remove. If you want to remove your liquidity at the same time as you unstake, you can click the "Auto Remove" checkbox

4) Click the "Unstake'' button and sign the transaction with your wallet

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