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This tutorial is a cross-chain tutorial for ONTO Wallet. Cross-chain transfers require gas fees. Assets across different chains use different types of assets as gas fees. Please prepare the required gas tokens in advance to avoid transaction failure.

Gas fee type:

Ontology → Ethereum: ONG+a small amount of assets to be transferred

Ontology → OEC: ONG+a small amount of assets to be transferred

Ontology → Neo: ONG+a small amount of assets to be transferred

Ethereum → OEC: ETH

Ethereum → Ontology: ETH

OEC → Ontology: OKT

OEC → Ethereum: OKT

Neo → Ontology: nNEO+GAS


Note: For Ethereum-related transactions, the fee is around 10-12 times the medium Ethereum gas fee.

In this tutorial, we illustrate the process by transferring Ethereum-based ETH assets to Ontology-based pETH assets.

Add and Check Your Assets

Enter the “Assets” page and click “+” to go to the Asset Management page. Click the search bar. Input the asset or the Hash of the related asset (pETH is used in this example). Click the “+” on the right of the asset to confirm. Click the newly added asset to enter the Asset Details page and view the asset balance.

Approval (For First Time Cross-Chain Swaps)

Click “Market” on the bottom of the page to enter the Cross-Chain Swap page. Click the asset icon below "From", and choose the asset you wish to swap. Enter the asset that needs to be swapped in the search bar in the pop-up asset list, and select "ETH".

Then, enter the cross-chain target asset (pETH, in this case) for swapping and choose pETH in the pop-up list.

Input the amount of ETH you want to swap and click“Approve”. Input your wallet password and click the arrow button, below, to confirm the swap. Wait for approval to complete the authorization (only required for the first operation).


After the authorization is successful, go to the “Market” page and input the amount of assets you want to swap. Enter the ETH amount, in this example. The amount of the target asset (pETH, in this case) and the fee will automatically be displayed on the page. Click the“Swap Now” button and confirm the swap information in the pop-up window. Input your wallet password in the pop-up window and click“Confirm” again and the arrow below to complete the swap. You can check if the pETH swapped successfully by visiting the “Assets” page.

Check the transaction’s status by inputting its address on https://explorer.poly.network/.

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