With Cyano on PC

Cross-chain transfers require gas fees. Assets across different chains use different types of assets as gas fees. Please prepare the corresponding gas fees in advance to avoid transaction failure.

Gas fee type:

Ontology → Ethereum: ONG + a small amount of assets to be transferred

Ontology → OEC: ONG + a small amount of assets to be transferred

Ontology → Neo: ONG + a small amount of assets to be transferred

Ethereum → OEC: ETH

Ethereum → Ontology: ETH

OEC → Ontology: OKT

OEC → Ethereum: OKT

Neo → Ontology: nNEO + GAS

For Ethereum related transaction, the gas fee is around 10-12 times of Ethereum med gas fee cost.

In this tutorial, we illustrate the process by transferring Ontology-based WING tokens to OKExChain-based WING tokens.

Open the Wing official website, click "Asset Swap" in the upper right corner, select "PolyNetwork", and enter the PolyNetwork cross-chain bridge page.

You can also visit https://bridge.poly.network/ directly.

Click the asset selection box under "Asset", and enter the asset to be transferred in the“Select Asset” search box. Enter "WING" and select it below.

Click "From Network" to select the asset’s corresponding network (in this case, it is Ontology). Then click "To Network" to select the network to transfer to (e.g. OKExChain).

Enter the amount of assets to be transferred in the "Amount" box, and then click "CONNECT WALLET". On the pop-up wallet connection page, select the corresponding wallet connection. In this example, we need to connect Cyano and MetaMask.

Click "NEXT", and then click "CONFIRM" after confirming the information in the pop-up window. Then confirm the information in the wallet pop-up window to initiate the transaction. You can then view the transaction’s status on the “Transaction Details”page. The transfer is complete when "Finished" is displayed.

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