Ontology Bridge Transfer

With the exciting launch of the Ontology EVM, we are pleased to provide the guide for bridging tokens from OEP-4 tokens to ORC-20 tokens. Doing so is necessary to participate in EVM applications. Currently, you are able to transfer ONG or bridge your WING, ONT, pETH, pWBTC, pUSDT, and pUSDC tokens from Ontology to Ontology EVM.

Open the Ontology Bridge website and click “Connect Wallet” in the upper right corner.

Click to connect a Non-EVM Wallet and an EVM Wallet respectively. Once connected, you should see your wallet address displayed.

ONG Transfer

Note:ONG is the gas fee on Ontology EVM, which should be transferred first.

  • Click “ONG Transfer”

  • Select Wallet “Non-EVM”, and fill in the target Ontology EVM address starting with “0x” in “Receiver”

  • Fill in the Amount or click “max” to transfer all, then click “Transfer”

  • After clicking “Confirm", enter the password in the pop-up window to complete the transfer

Note: To Transfer ONG from Ontology Evm to Ontology, select “EVM” in Network and fill in the target Ontology address starting with “A” in “Receiver”, enter the Amount and click “Transfer” and follow the instructions to complete the transfer.

Token Bridge

  • Click “Token Bridge”

  • Select the asset to be bridged, confirm “Native” under “From” and “ORC-20” under “To”

  • Fill in the Amount or click “max” to bridge all, then click “Swap”, click “Confirm” in the following confirmation box

  • Then clicking “Confirm" in the wallet pop-up and enter the password to complete the swap

Note: To bridge an ORC-20 token for a native token, click the double arrow between “From” and “To” so that “ORC-20” is under “From” and “Native” is under “To”. This requires the Approve operation first. After the Approve is successful, the process is the same as the Native token exchange for the ORC-20 token as described above.

If you use Metamask, remember to set up the configuration parameters of Ontology EVM Mainnet: Detail

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