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What is Wing?

Wing has built a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform to support cross-chain collaborative interactions between various DeFi products. Combining the platform's decentralized governance model, the risk control mechanism introduced by Wing promotes a healthy, benign relationship between borrowers, creditors and guarantors, allowing the implementation of a wider range of DeFi plans on the platform and thus providing users with more DeFi products of premium quality.
Wing has showcased an innovative credit valuation module as a strong support for DeFi credit products on the Wing platform.

Wing Pools

There are currently two types of pools: Flash Pool, NFT Pool and Inclusive Pool. Please refer to this section for more details.

Governance Accounts

The addresses for the governance and governance related accounts are:
Flash Pool (Ontology)
Flash Pool (BNB Chain)
Flash Pool (Ontology EVM)
Escrow for Community Fund
Unlocked Community Fund

Pool Mechanisms

Users can participate in various activities in Wing Pools. Please read here for details on how these activities are running on the Wing platform.

Wing Token (WING)

WING is the governance token of Wing Finance. WING is used to vote on and determine the outcome of WING Improvement Proposals (WIPs). WING can also be staked in Wing’s Insurance pool to provide security/insurance to the protocol/suppliers. Stakers can earn staking rewards from the protocol.
Information regarding tokenomics and governance can be found in Wing’s White Paper and Governance Reference. You can join the discussion in our governance forum.
Users can buy WING tokens on exchanges like Binance, OKX, MXC and Users can also buy pWING (ERC-20) on SushiSwap, WING (BEP-20) on BabySwap, WING (OEP-4) on OpenOcean and WING (KIP-20) on JSwap.
Contract address:
WING (OEP-4): 00c59fcd27a562d6397883eab1f2fff56e58ef80
pWING (ERC-20): 0xDb0f18081b505A7DE20B18ac41856BCB4Ba86A1a
WING (KIP-20): 0x7a47ab305b8a2a3f4020d13fa9ef73cddcc0e7d4
WING (BEP-20): 0x3cb7378565718c64ab86970802140cc48ef1f969
WING (ORC-20): 0x6ea9f7B81bdEB047d63A023b1F28Bea481a5785a


The WING protocol has been reviewed & audited by BEOSIN.
Smart contract security audit report—WING.pdf
WING Audit Report
Smart contract security audit report—oETH.pdf
oETH Audit Report
The Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum) has been reviewed & audited by PeckShield.
Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum) Audit Report.pdf
Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum) Audit Report
The Wing Flash Pool (OKC) has been reviewed & audited by CERTIK.
Wing Flash Pool (OEC) Audit Report.pdf
Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain) Audit Report
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