Governance Proposal

Guide on How to Submit and Revoke Proposals for Wing’s Governance

Please note that 1,000 WINGs need to be locked at the point of the proposal submission. Please confirm that there are at least 1,000 WINGs ready to be locked in the proposal address before operation. The locked WINGs will be unlocked after the proposal is reviewed or cancelled.

Submit a Proposal

Step 1: Log in to the following link address, scroll to the bottom & select the “Proposal and/or Vote” button. Then enter the voting page.


Step 2: After entering the page, click “Connect Wallet” to connect your ONTO Wallet or Cyano Wallet. The proposal page will be displayed after a connection is successful.

Step 3: Please make sure there are at least 1,000 WINGs in the account. Click the "Make a proposal" button, fill in the proposal title, details and forum discussion address, then click "Create" to create the proposal before clicking "Confirm" to submit. Once you input the password to lock 1,000 WINGs, the proposal will be successfully submitted.

The Wing team will complete the review of the proposal within 3 days. You can click "Records" under "Make a proposal" to view the review progress, or check the community forum announcement.

Forum announcement address:

Step 4: After the proposal review is completed, you can click the relevant proposal on the proposal record page, and click "Withdraw" to withdraw the 1,000 WINGs you locked.

Cancel a Proposal

Before the review is completed, if you need to cancel the proposal, you can click the "Records" under "Make a proposal" section to enter the proposal record page. Then find the proposal to be withdrawn, and click the "Cancel" button. After the cancellation is successful, you can click "Withdraw" on the page to extract the unlocked WINGs.

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