Inclusive Pool

This guide is designed to illustrate the distribution rules and rates for Wing Inclusive Pool.

At present, interest is calculated on a block basis. The actual interest rate is related to the block generation speed. As a result, the actual interest rate and the interest displayed on the Wing website may be different. The calculation adheres to the system contract.

Current WING generation rate: 0.036 WING/sec.

First, WING incentives are distributed between the Flash Pool (Ontology) and the Inclusive Pool according to the Pool distribution base.

Pool distribution base = pool distribution coefficient * borrowed amount

Next WING incentives are distributed for each type of asset according to their distribution base.

Asset distribution base = asset distribution coefficient * borrowed amount

Then WING incentives of each asset are distributed to Supply, Borrow and Insurance Pools according to below distribution ratios.

Finally, WING incentives are distributed to individual addresses according to the proportion of an asset belonging to an address against the total amount of this asset in the Pool.

Let's walk through an example. Let's say the borrowed amount of Flash Pool is $19.8 million and that of Inclusive Pool is $100,000. The details of assets in Inclusive Pool are as follows:

First, we calculate the WING incentives distributed to the Inclusive Pool per second according to the pool distribution base.

Next we calculate WINGs distributed for each asset per second according to the asset distribution base:

Then we calculate WINGs distributed to Supply, Borrow and Insurance Pools:

Last, WINGs incentives are distributed to users' addresses according to the proportion of their asset in each pool.

If a user supplied $1,000 of pUSDT, borrowed $1,000 of pUSDC, pledged $800 of pDAI at a pledge factor of 1.25, and insured $200 of pDAI, the WING incentive earned by this user per day is:

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